Do you really love your skin?

Then you are welcome.

















If you answered yes to the question “Do you really love your skin?” Then you are a potential Skin Lover!

Who are them?

Women like you, who love their own skin.

Skin speaks of you, of your story. Taking care of it means to love what you are.

A Skin Lover dedicates time and the right care to herself, because it understands that every woman deserves it.

A Skin Lover is a woman who chooses not to neglect herself and we know that this is an important milestone. We always come after our children, our husband, our house, our work…we are real women with a full life.

Because a Skin Lover knows that taking care of herself means being able to love his loved ones, his own spaces, his tasks, his own projects. We invite all women to fall in love with themselves, with their bodies and their lives, of their own uniqueness.

No one can tell better the Domina world if not the true, authentic women, perfect in their imperfection.

That’s why, you can read in the BLOG SKIN LOVER a lot of comments of the women that have tried Domina products in the “Give Away Skin Lover 2015 – Italy” campaign.

















Our excellence has a conscience. And the skin knows it.

We’ve found the best answers in Nature & Science: we choose high-quality natural ingredients, and we’re boosting them with the best biotechnologies available. We do NOT use parabens or petroleum-derived substances. The result is an excellent product that respects skin physiology.

We have studied product lines for Face and Body to respond effectively to complex skin needs: deep nourishment, hydration, pro-aging and treatment of blemishes are just some of the challenges we face every day.